I am Alberto Espinosa, Civil Engineer and half of BASE solutions.

The name of this new business project came to Beatriz Spuch (Beti, the other half) and me as an anagram of our initials, BS and AE.

Beti and I met in 2014, when I went to Madrid to do an internship for the Master in Logistics and Transport at the University of Coruña at a logistics and transport consulting company.

Beti was working in that company as a project manager and together we collaborated in the development of various projects. It was there, between coffees and meetings, where we established a friendship that continues to this day.

It has been several years since Beti returned to A Coruña, where she began to work as an independent consultant. It was from that “comeback” that every time she had the chance she tempted me to leave it all and associate with her, reminding me the good team we formed.

It was this year, 2021, when it happened. I took her hand and we started to walk together.

And this is the story of how BASE solutions was born.

Now we have a lot of work to do. But we face it with illusion and with the aim of help our customers to improve their performance and results. Let’s talk!